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Quickline offers Distance Learning (DL) as a new service in the field of CME.
The DL project springs from the need to make available a rich scientific knowledge, also through new tools, to give paediatricians a complete and exhaustive educational instrument with the aim of offering a high quality scientific-educational service.
Attending a DL course will be easy: the material for the lessons will be published in this section of the website, access to which will be possible after having registered and paid the relevant fee.
Participants will then be able to attend the course online by downloading the educational material. At the end of each module of the course, a learning assessment will be carried out and participants will have to fill in an evaluation sheet of the perceived quality. The assessment will consist of a multiple-choice test (with just one correct answer) and the result will be viewed after its completion. The assessment test can be repeated five times at most.
The minimum number of correct answers is 75%, as provided for by the CME regulation.
All the participants will receive a feedback message about their learning level. After the completion of all the educational steps, the participants will be able to download their CME certificates.